Full House Moving has always been a key choice for the residents of NYC when it comes to moving. Our unparalleled pricing is one of the main reasons for that. We have always strives to provide the best local moving services in NYC without burdening our customers’ pockets. You can even opt for a free estimate by filling out this form. To put it in a nutshell, our entire local movers nyc service revolves around making the move simpler, easier, and affordable for you! Call us now at (212) 243-6683 and talk to one of our experts to find out how we can help you move.

Why Choose a Local Moving Company in NYC?
Moving from one place to another within a city might not be as daunting a task as moving items offshore, but that does not mean that we will leave any stone unturned to ensure extreme care of your delivery. Each and every member of our team is not only trained but also licensed and insured. This means that anything you move with the Full House Moving company will be treated with great care, and by experienced people, so you don’t have to worry once we undertake the job. If you are local for trustworthy, reliable, and experienced local movers in NYC for emergency services who can get the job done with perfection, simply call us at (212) 243-6683. You can also fill out this form to get a free estimate.
Because All Moves Are Equally Important
At Full House Moving, anything you choose to move goes through our extensive packing process. We have always treated each and every object as a priority, regardless of its size. Being top-rated local movers in NYC, our team of experts is trained to provide you with unparalleled service. Whether you are moving a few blocks down or going to the opposite end of the city, our professional movers will ensure that all of your belongings are packed and delivered to the destination in a perfect condition.
We’re there when you need us the most
What distinguishes our moving service in NYC from the rest of the local movers is the fact that we’re there when you need us the most. Be it after midnight or early in the morning, all you need to do is call us at (212) 243-6683 and our team will be at your doorstep packing your belongings in no time. In fact, workers at Full House Moving are trained to offer a fast response time for all residential and commercial local moving services in NYC, be it any time of the day.
Because No Move is Too Far for Quality Service
Full House Moving in NYC takes pride in being one of the most preferred international movers nyc company and local movers in the state. With decades of experience in helping people move internationally, we have streamlined our entire process to perfection. Overseas moving can be a tedious process, but with our professional movers by your side, it can become entirely hassle-free. Our team makes sure that your items arrive at the destination in the perfect condition you left them off with us.
How do we Move antiques and large items?
If you’re worried about safely moving your prized possessions offshore, don’t be! Full House Moving company uses some of the top-notch packing materials for all the different types of items. This guarantees safety from any sort of damage, allowing you to receive the objects as you left them at the initial location.What further sets us apart as the best international moving company is that we only work with licensed and insured workers who are trained to provide the best packing and moving services. Furthermore, we even provide you affordable storage alternatives in case you want to keep them at a safe location before getting them shipped out to your destination. If you’re planning to move abroad and want professional movers to help you out, simply give us a call at (212) 243-6683. We offer a fast response time and 24-hour emergency services to clients across NYC.
We move your belongings with trust
Moving a house or office is a laborious and sometimes terrifying task. Couple that with having to move from one state to another and things can spiral out of control. Best Long Distance Movers NYC, especially reliable ones, are difficult to find. Full House Moving NYC offers more than 15 years of experience in the industry along with the right equipment to help your move be streamlined effectively.Trusting a moving company in NYC with a move especially over long distances is a challenge. There is a constant fear of valuable stuff being lost or damaged in transit. We specialize in being different by providing the most credible long-distance moving services in NYC. We pack, load, and deliver your belongings in a way that ensures everything is unloaded at the destination just as it was dispatched.
Moving and Storage Company
Moving homes can be a hassle if you don’t know the right people for the job. It can be more so if you have to evacuate the current residence, but your new home isn’t ready. Full House Moving NYC provides temporary storage for a month or more depending on your requirements. If you’re in a predicament regarding the belongings and where to store them, get in touch with us today.
Reliable and Simple Moving Storage Solutions
Full House Moving is a premier moving company providing trustworthy and convenient solutions for the past 20 years. We understand moving schedules and provide a bundle of services that relieve you of any stress when shifting. We can align your preferences and requirements by offering storage services near NYC and around it for your stuff while you move. No matter what the problem may be, we take care of the hassle for you. We allow you to make an otherwise lengthy and tiring process easy and effortless. Our professional movers specialize in all aspects of storage while changing homes separating delicate items from other pieces to make sure everything is delivered to you safe and sound. Our large fleet of trucks enables us to handle any special requests regarding the transportation and storage of your belongings.
Eviction & Estate Moving Services in NYC
Getting evicted is not easy. A landlord’s notification can come with a short notice leaving you little or no choice whatsoever. It may even come at a time when you are completely unprepared. Moving becomes inevitable or else you stand the chance of facing criminal charges. Full House Moving NYC provides a complete solution to help ease the burden in such a tough time. Simply get in touch and let us handle the rest.
Eviction move-outs and estate preparation
Full House Moving is a professional moving service in NYC which provides 24 hours eviction movers services. You may have to evict according to deadlines set by the landlord and at times, these can be quite short. Local movers who can help you abide by court determined regulations and stay within the remits of law come in handy at a time like this. We can help you take care of everything during this process.Our moving company also specializes in providing estate preparation services. We can help you pick and deliver items to multiple locations. Coupled with tracking and preparation of legal documentation, our eviction and estate movers NYC are not just professional and reliable but also well equipped to handle all kinds of tasks.
Commercial Moving Services in NYC
Commercial moving is very different from the residential one. At Full House Moving, we deal with both and a lot more besides. We have professional commercial movers & office movers in NYC with more than two decades of experience in helping commercial clients move offices, warehouses or any other installation that they may have. No matter where you are relocating, simply get in touch with us to receive the best moving services in NYC that you can find.
Convenience and reliability For Office Movers
Full House Moving offer all-round solutions to all your commercial moving requirements. Relocating to a new location can mean downtime for the business, but with our commercial moving company in NYC, we plan with our customers to move the office in a way that minimizes any strains or losses to your business. We ensure that none of the items are damaged and that sensitive data files on computers are kept under strict check too.Not only do we transport all kinds of office equipment, but we can also assist businesses by allowing them access to crucial information even during transit. Full House Moving NYC is one of the most credible services in the region, offering not just safe but timely pick-up, packing and delivery of complete commercial spaces along with emergency moving services. We can also help you consolidate everything in one place before having them shipped to the new location.
Complete Arts, Antiques, and Piano Moving Services in NYC
During a home relocation, some things require more care than others. We’re talking about those precious art pieces, antiques, and artifacts that may have been passed down through the generations in your family. These are not just valuable pieces but treasure chests that hold memories that date back several years. There is no way that these can be left behind when you’re moving homes. At Full House Moving NYC, we have a division that provides Arts, Antiques, and Piano Movers NYC and give the care they deserve.
Packaging Supplies for Moving in NYC
There are several issues and inconveniences that come with moving, but nothing compares with having to arrange boxes and supplies to pack things in. Full House Moving is a reputed moving company in NYC that provides comprehensive moving supplies solutions for when you want to relocate your residential or commercial space. We make sure that everything from start to finish is taking care of, and the process starts with packing. So, how could it be that we don’t provide the boxes and packing materials for moving to make this happen?
An answer to all your packing needs
At Full House Moving NYC, we share more than 15 years of experience in moving belongings from people’s homes, offices, warehouses, manufacturing units and any other place imaginable. Our residential and commercial movers nyc make sure that before they arrive at your place, they have a good idea of what to expect. We take care of everything that may be missing or could hinder the smooth flow of the process. We specialize in disassembly and packing of all kinds of things. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know beforehand about the things that you need and those that may require extra efforts. Our professional movers take care of everything else. We provide a fast response time and guarantee customer satisfaction throughout the moving process because you’re our greatest asset.
Most Reliable Art Handling Company in NYC
Handling art requires finesse and skills that Full House Moving NYC has accumulated over 15 years in the industry. We’ve handled numerous art projects where transportation has involved anywhere from one piece to complete collections around the world. If you have move art in NYC that need to be moved, Full House Moving is the service to call.
Shipping canvas artwork is an ‘art’ itself
There is no secret about the fact that when you want to move art pieces, most people choose to not trust a moving company at all. It is too big a risk for them to take so they prefer to do it themselves. Full House Moving NYC takes pride in providing a quality of service that most other fine art movers nyc companies in NYC don’t offer. We are also providing professional furniture movers in NYC. We handle delicate artworks with precision making sure that they are transported in all their glory.From creating custom crates, boxes or any other traveling containers that may be required to carefully place the art pieces in a way that eliminates any chance of damaging them during transport, our local movers in NYC provide 24 hours service to do it all. No matter how many pieces you need to send and wherever in the world you need to do it, we take care of it all effectively. We even offer emergency service for moving art to the desired destination.
Local Furniture Moving Company NYC Team Lifts for You
Because All Moves Are Equally Important
Furniture is what makes up the bulk of everything that is to be moved during a residential and commercial relocation. Despite this, it is still one of the things that are mismanaged and damaged during moves. Full House Moving NYC combines almost two decades of experience in moving furniture with advanced techniques to create a logistical chain that minimizes damages and preserves furniture in its pristine condition. Featuring an emergency service with fast response to queries, we are always ready to provide you with reliable furniture moving services in NYC.
Moving furniture across NYC, we ensure safe and timely delivery
Full House is a reliable furniture moving company that is licensed and insured. When you get in touch with us, you hire more than just a team of expert movers, you get a commitment from us that the things you hand over to us, will be delivered to your destination in the same condition unless some unforeseen circumstances hinder the way. We handle your furniture with care making sure that there aren’t even chips which are mostly responsible for destroying the aesthetics of tables, chairs, bed-side tables, and other pieces. For our professional local movers, your belongings are items of utmost value that need to be delivered just the way they are received. We also plug loopholes to provide effective and timely delivery through the United States as well as internationally.